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Dorm Room Must-Haves: A College Girl’s Guide to Having an Organized, Chic Room

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Going into my sophomore year of college, I have finally learned the do’s and do not’s about dorm rooms. For the girls who love clothes and beauty products (like me, I’m practically a face mask hoarder) these organizational tips are for you. I have a variety of different items that’ll transform your room – some are on the more pricey side, but I swear they’re worth it. And sadly, my best advice for you and your dorm is this: less is more!


The first thing any dorm dweller needs to focus on is storage. You might not realize how much stuff you have, but once you see all your stuff in a small room you’ll be crying for help. Adding just a few storage hacks to your dorm will make all the difference – and you probably haven’t even thought about half of the things you’ll need.

Do: Keep your refrigerator organized.  Yes, you might be telling yourself you’ll beat the freshman 15, but nonetheless you are most likely going to have a fridge in your room. One of the best way to keep your utensils organized (forks, napkins, etc.) is through this product right here: The Cookin Caddy. It will keep your room looking clean and fresh, rather than having scattered plates everywhere.


Do: Get a bed or desk cubby. A good friend of mine purchased a desk cubby last year from Dorm-Decor, which has now come to be the holy grail of all dorm necessities. The bed and desk cubbies create so much additional storage, while keeping your room looking as stylish as ever. The desk cubby is where you can put all your makeup products and study supplies, as well as an extra space to put pictures and art. The bed cubby allows for extra clothes storage, as well as another place for trinkets!

Do: Bedside storage. One of the most convenient buys will be a bedside storage unit. It’s the ultimate place to hold anything you use while you’re in your bed: phone, laptop, books, headphones, glasses etc… Not only does it add convenience to your life, but it allows for there to be less clutter! 


Do: Take advantage of your minimal closet space. Buying various different closet organizers will create more space and will give your room a cleaner, more organized look.


Decor will give your room a personalized vibe and color scheme. Last year, considering my school colors are black and gold, my room had a white, gold, & black color scheme. For my sophomore year, my best friend/roomie/soulmate and I are doing a light blue and white scheme. My suggestion is to throw in a neutral with whichever color you decide, maybe even a metallic shade: silver, gold, rose gold, or copper.

Do: Art. Art. Art. Nothing adds more personality to a dorm than art. It gives a vibe to your room and fills wall space in the best way. Mixing wall art with personal photos is the best way to go. Here are the best wall art sites, for a good price: Society6, Desenio, and Urban Outfitters.

Do: Invest in Lights. Having a lot of light resources in your room will really open up the space and make it a more enjoyable spot to hang out in. Last year in my dorm I had hanging lights, a desk lamp, and a floor lamp – it transformed the space completely. Urban Outfitters has great hanging lights. Desk and floor lamps from Target, Ikea, and Pottery Barn are the best as well!

Do: Add some green to your room. No, I’m not saying purchase flowers that will die in a week and a half – that’s 1. too expensive and 2. wilting flowers are a pain to throw out when the dumpster is a mile away from your dorm. Cactuses and succulents rarely need to be watered and they’ll give your room life. These plants are cheap and live a really long time with little watering or effort!

Do: Pillows are everything. Decor pillows really make a statement and pull together your bedding. Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Pottery Barn are the best places to find the perfect pillows. All the pillows below can be found at Urban Outfitters!

For Fun:

Your dorm room is not only a place you’re going to sleep in. It’s a space to spend time with friends, do homework, and relax in. Therefore, I had to include a few fun items that will make your dorm a go-to chill spot.

The Pocket Projector: This mini projector can easily be used in any dorm room and hooked up to any computer. You can watch movies whenever, and invite your friends over to watch with you!


Aroma Therapy Clock: After a stressful school day, this clock can emit essential oils that will help aid relaxation and sleep. It’s also a music player, a clock, and provides light!


Ocean Light Projector:  Why not lay under waves with all your friends? It’s a fun way to just chill out and feel relaxed.


I hope this post was helpful to anyone looking to spice up their room for next year! If you  want more inspiration, follow my dorm Pinterest board! Below is some more inspo!


  1. Jamie Lee says:

    Hi thank you so much for posting this! Where is the best place to purchase succulents, cacti, and other plants?

  2. OMG Your room is goal! It’s so PRETTY! I wish I had Antropologie in Italy… Well maybe no, I’m broke ahhahah Would you mind check out my page? Maybe we can follow each other?
    Love, Mimi


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