Get Your Polish On: The Most Coveted Nail Designs This Summer

Star Designed Nails

Nails by @nailinghollwood using Chanel Polish.

Abstract, Color Block Nails


Nails by Natalie Pavlok Nails.

All Natural Nails

Kendall Jenner’s all natural nails scream polished and sleek.

Chrome Nails

IMG_7554 2.JPG

Gigi Hadid at the Met Gala.

Jeweled Nails

Nails by Unistella.

Holographic Nails


It-Girl Kylie Jenner slaying the nail game with these holographic, glittery nails.


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I go by Bella, Bells, Bell, Belita, etc., so feel free to refer to me how you please! I'm 19 years old and am going to college in Nashville - which is absolutely amazing! I love everything related to beauty. May it be hair, makeup, skin, fashion, I'm all about it. However, I also love to focus on the beauty within: body positivity, mental health, exercise, and lifestyle choices, so my blog is a mix of the various forms of beauty!

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